Thursday, May 4, 2017


Laurel carefully placed one last flower in her pot. "Finished!" she squealed happily. It fell over stiffly. She sighs. She ties a ribbon around this 'flower' beautifully. She turns around and shows it to Danny, lying upright in the corner. "It looks beautiful, right Danny?"

"Absolutely sister," he replies.

She smiles pleasantly, and paints the flower's short stubby nails. "What do you think... a purple or maybe a mandarin-orange color?" she turns looking over her shoulder at the stuffed animal spattered with blood.

"A lilac would be nice, or how about a nice baby blue..?"

"Perfect!" she paints the boy's stubby nails and straightens out the bow. "It's so unfortunate you know, he just wanted a friend." She sighs, a wicked smile on her face. "But you know I can't let anyone else have you, Daniel." She hums to herself, dancing with the planted hand. She spins and twirls whispering "Kagome, kagome." She opens her floral refrigerator and places the hand with others, beautifully arranged. Names are plastered on each pot. "Linda, Sarah, James.... Maura" She smiles, and places him right next to her. "Oh mama," she sighs. "I brought you another flower, I know you're not proud..." She paces the wooden floor. "Mama, mama, you hated when I used to rip up my dollies, didn't you? Hmph. Well..." She turns to face the refrigerator again. "You can't tell me what to do now can you Mama?" Laurel shuts the refrigerator door and covers it once again with the black tablecloth beautifully decorated with FLOWERS printed on the front.

Thunder booms in the distance.

"Shoot! We gotta eat something!" Laurel cleans up the scraps of tissue and wipes away the blood.
Danny stares blankly, "Okay, I'll order pizza!"

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