Friday, September 23, 2016

Laurel screams, " Done!" as she trims the last few leaves from her flowering bonsai tree. She looks at all her flowers laid in front of her. White roses, sweet-smelling baby's breath, and hydrangeas all beautifully picked and pruned. She arranges them into a beautiful bouquet. "Danny, what do you think about this?" she turns around grinning. No answer. "Awww thanks, Danny." He slowly sulks back into the couch behind him. Laurel happily skips over to the large refrigerator where she keeps her fresh cut flowers. Tiredly, she looks over at her wall-length window and sees the sun's fading light. She yawns and turns to pick up Danny, and shuffles to her daybed. She dives onto her pink twin-sized bed. "Danny, do you ever think Maura's coming back?" Danny doesn't respond. "Yeah me too." She slowly fades into a peaceful slumber