Wednesday, November 16, 2016


She slams the door. Reluctantly she turns back, looking at the solid wood frame. " I should have been more polite."
She turns and looks back at Danny. "Danny! I'm home!"
She shoves the jugs into a corner and moves along with her day. She picks up a tray of fresh lily plants. "Maybe I suck at human interaction." She trims a few lilies and places them in a pile. She slowly places the heavy tray back on her windowsill and picks up another of violet carnations and rare blue marigolds.
"Maybe if I make him something, it'll make up for my attitude."
She works carefully and quickly using ribbons and bows and lots of glitter. She finally screams, "Done!" in her usual high-pitched excited scream. She rushes out of her studio and into the foyer. She grabs her coat and flies into the cold barren hallway.
She pauses for a moment. She thinks to herself, "Okay. Stay calm. You can do this."

She walks cautiously through the hallway to the elevator. She presses the number five button and waits.

She walks out of the elevator and into the hallway right in front of door 504. She gulps. "Okay, let's get on with this" She goes to knock, bus as soon as her fist connects with the door it flies wide open. Laurel falls onto his carpeted floor.
"Oh no! Are you alright?", he exclaims.

"Oof, yeah I think I'm alright." She gets up and brushes herself off. She looks in her hands. A crumpled flower bouquet went to waste. "Aw man!", she sighs.
"Well, well, well, what do we have here?"
Laurel blushes, embarrassed over the ruined bouquet. "I-it's nothing mister. Sorry for bothering you." She turns to leave, but he grabs her shoulder turning her around, a full 180.

"Why this, is this for me?" Laurel looks down. "Well, I wanted to apologize for my attitude earlier...", she trails off. Howard smiles, delighted. "Why, thank you!" He takes the bouquet happily and smells it. "It smells lovely, where did you find these?"

Laurel looks up smiling, "I grow them, just like my mother taught me. I make arr.. arrangie..." , she sighs frustratedly.
"Arrangements?", he answers.
"Yeah, arrangements."
"Well.. Where is she? Your mother, that is." He asks while putting the bouquet on the desk in the foyer.
Laurel hesitates, trying to fight back tears.
"She's gone"