Friday, March 3, 2017

#4 Laurel and Daniel

It's about 6 o'clock in the morning, Laurel's sound asleep with Danny by her side. A rolling fog fills her open window, casting her room into oblivion. The musky fog wakes her up with no regard.

"Huh?" she says. Laurel wakes and goes to find the light. "W-why is it so foggy in here..?" She glances at the open window. The soft rumble of a train passes by. She pauses for a moment, turning on her fan, and breathes in the black stench of the air. Suddenly she bursts into tears onto the floor... She feels Danny watching. "Shut up!... You know I miss her too.." She glances under her bed. She crawls to the side of her daybed where there's something underneath the bottom. She reaches urgently grasping a laminated piece of something. A photo. He sobs break. "Us," she whispers. She looks at Danny. "Did you know this was here..?" She chuckles.. "Oh you.. So you mock my blindness, well let me tell you mister!" She stands proudly, pretending to be some sort of general. "I am Captain Jack, captain of this his ship and you will not disrespect me!" She laughs.. slowly fading into sobs again. "Yeah.. you always did Captain Jack better.."

She walks to the wall of photos, finds a tack and places the photo on the wall. She glances at the photo of her family. A mother, only around twenty-two. She holds two infants in her hands, and on the side of the photo an etching of two names. "Laurel and Daniel," she says.  She smiles softly. "Hey thats us!" She turns around and points at the photo facing Danny. "Daniel, Daniel, Daniel," She excitedly sings as she hops over to the bed, plopping herself down next to him. She picks him up holding him to her heart. "You had such a nerdy name..."